Testimonials from users


Roy Burns, Louisville Zoo

It is very easy to use and is pretty complete.  The VJ Index is one of the only sources for quite a few Proceedings.  Competitors seem to charge much more, and the VJ Index compliments our library nicely.  If we don’t have some past journal issue, we at least know now that the article exists and can order the full text article from the local medical school.

Warning: the Veterinary Journal Index database is designed to be used only to find journal articles, and is not intended as a substitute for those articles.  No guarantees are made of accuracy or completeness of this database.

Dr. Victor Hutto

I run a referral practice.  I always need more information, and I use sources like Veterinary Surgery, JCVIM, JAAHA, Compendium, J Small Animal Practice, and Oncology.  I use the VJ Index 1-2 times per week.  It is pretty complete, and there are very few journals that it doesn’t cover.  I actually prefer not having the program online...  I use it in conjunction with VIN.  80% of what I need is in the abstract or summery.  I would like to have software linked to such sources as AVIMARK disease database or SNOVET.  The VJ Index program is one of the centerpieces of how I keep current and access a broad range of literature, and I put a lot of energy into staying current and finding the most current treatments and client information for my referral practice.

Dr. Ned Gentz, Albuquerque Zoo

I use VJ Index to search for specific papers and general topics.  It is relatively unique, and does a good job of assembling a specialized literature.  Overall, I like the content very much.  A valuable and worthwhile addition to our library.  We probably use it four or five times a week.  It saves lots of time.  To replace it, you would have to through each journal;s annual or cumulative index manually, and that would wast a lot of time and not do as good a job as having the VJ Index.

Dr. David Harling, Practitioner

I prepare articles and give talks using this program.  I often use VJ Index in conjuction with an on-line veterinary discussion group.  It gives a quick update about what’s new to help me practice.  I really like the format of the database and the usefulness of the abstracts and summaries.  I use it about once a week for 30 minutes, and it saves me lots of time.  It is very easy to use and is pretty complete...a great service at a reasonable price.

Dr. Lauren Powers, Dipl ABVP (Avian)

I have found VJI to be an invaluable resource.  For all of my writing projects, I could not live without it.  Thank you for making this resource widely available.  I would highly recommend VJI to anyone who asked.