Warning: the Veterinary Journal Index database is designed to be used only to find journal articles, and is not intended as a substitute for those articles.  No guarantees are made of accuracy or completeness of this database.


  1. American Animal Hospital Association:

  2. American Association of Equine Practitioners:

  3. American Veterinary Medical Association:

  4. British Veterinary Association:

  5. British Equine Veterinary Association:

  6. National Library of Medicine:

  7. Veterinary Veterinary resources:

  8. Veterinary Information Network:

  9. Association of Zoos and Aquariums:

  10. A list of veterinary colleges:

Some Journals

  1. Exotic DVM:

  2. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science:

  3. Equine Veterinary Journal:

Some Institutions (many of these use VJ Index)

  1. San Francisco Zoo:

  2. San Diego Zoo:

  3. National Zoo:

  4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:

  5. Chicago Zoo:

  6. Bronx Zoo:

  7. Zoo Miami:

  8. Disney Animal Kingdom:

  9. Milwaukee Zoo:

Some Interesting Financial Websites

  1. Track your financial picture daily or weekly:

  2. Well-priced beautiful picture frames:

  3. Business Coaching:

Some Other Interesting Websites

  1. Accounting software and network support - Denver, Colorado:

  2. Colorado Draft Horse Classic:

  3. Draft Horse Swap Shop: