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Of course, the VJ Index covers the major journals:

JAVMA, AJVR, Vet Surg, J Vet Internal Med, JAAHA, Vet Rec, Vet Radiol & Ultrasound, Vet Clin N Amer, and Compendium.

We also cover many very important other sources, and it is only here that you can find them all together:

Australian Vet J, Avian Diseases, J Avian Med Surg, Zoo Vet Proceedings, Avian Vet Proceedings, J Zoo Wildl Med, J Wildl Dis, J Herp Med Surg, Exotic DVM, Equine Vet J, Equine Vet Educ, AAEP Proceedings, and many more, as listed below.

What do we mean when say VJ Index covers this or that journal?

We mean that we try to include EVERY citation from each journal for the coverage dates shown in the list below. We make no editorial decisions about which articles should be included--to the best of our ability, they all are.

Journal Name (Journal Code)  Coverage Years

Am Farrier J(1975-2001)  (J:200)

Am J Vet Res(1989-2021)  (J:120)

Aquat Toxicol(2004-2004)  (J:223)

Austral Vet J(1991-2021)  (J:132)

Avian Dis(1992-2020)  (J:186)

Avian Pathol(1997-2021)  (J:185)

Bovine Vet(1994-1996)  (J:104)

Br Vet J / Vet J(1988-2021)  (J:180)

Bull Assoc Rept Amphib Vet; J Herp Med Surg(1991-2013)  (J:114)

Clin Tech Small Anim Pract(1998-2007)  (J:137)

Clin Techniques Equine Pract(2002-2003)  (J:139)

Compar Nutrit Soc Sympos(1996-1997)  (J:171)

Compend Contin Educ Pract Vet(1985-2013)  (J:128)

Compend Contin Educ Pract Vet Equine Edition(2006-2009)  (J:130)

Compend Supplmt Food Anim Med Mgmt(2004-2004)  (J:129)

Dis Aquatic Organisms(2002-2021)  (J:221)

Dr. Scholl Zoo Anim Nutrit(1980-1989)  (J:172)

Equine Vet Educ(1990-2020)  (J:141)

Equine Vet J(1985-2021)  (J:140)

Exotic DVM(1999-2011)  (J:109)

IAMS Nutrition Symposium Proceedings(1996-1996)  (J:146)

In Practice(1993-2017)  (J:159)

J Am Anim Hosp Assoc(1989-2021)  (J:112)

J Am Holistic Vet Med Assoc(1996-2001)  (J:111)

J Am Vet Med Assoc(1973-2021)  (J:124)

J Anim Sci(1996-2009)  (J:181)

J Aquatic Animal Health(2009-2020)  (J:226)

J Avian Med Surg(1987-2020)  (J:116)

J Bovine Pract/Bovine Pract(1988-2017)  (J:103)

J Compar Pathol(2003-2021)  (J:192)

J Equine Vet Sci(1989-2007)  (J:198)

J Exot Pet Med(1994-2020)  (J:119)

J Feline Med Surg(1999-2005)  (J:143)

J Sm Exot Anim Med(1992-1994)  (J:164)

J Small Anim Pract(1984-2021)  (J:148)

J Vet Cardiol(2001-2004)  (J:145)

Warning: this Veterinary Journal Index database is designed to be used only to find journal articles, and is not intended as a substitute for those articles.  No guarantees are made of accuracy or completeness of this database.

J Vet Dent(1990-2020)  (J:176)

J Vet DiagnInvest(1996-2021)  (J:173)

J Vet Emerg & Critical Care(1999-2007)  (J:126)

J Vet Hum Toxicol(1999-2004)  (J:177)

J Vet Intern Med(1987-2020)  (J:162)

J Vet Med Sci(1996-2009)  (J:188)

J Wildl Dis(1977-2020)  (J:196)

J Zoo Wildl Med(1970-2021)  (J:174)

Miscellaneous Journals(1995-2000)  (J:199)

Prev Vet Med(1997-2018)  (J:144)

Proc Am Assoc Zoo Vet(1968-2017)  (J:118)

Proc Annu Conv Am Assoc Bovine Pract(1989-2008)  (J:102)

Proc Annu Conv Am Assoc Equine Pract(1981-2020)  (J:106)

Proc Assoc Avian Vet(1971-2017)  (J:115)

Proc Assoc Reptil Amphib Vet(1994-2009)  (J:117)

Proc Exoticscon(2015-2020)  (J:110)

Proc Intl Assoc Aquatic Anim Med(1993-1999)  (J:175)

Res Vet Sci(1992-2010)  (J:182)

Vet Clin N Amer-Equine(1988-2020)  (J:166)

Vet Clin N Amer-Exotic Animal(1998-2021)  (J:169)

Vet Clin N Amer-Food Animal(1988-2021)  (J:168)

Vet Clin N Amer-Small Animal(1988-2021)  (J:167)

Vet Clin Pathol(1978-2020)  (J:150)

Vet Compar Ophthalmology(1994-2013)  (J:154)

Vet Compar Ortho Traumatol(1992-2018)  (J:178)

Vet Dermatol(2001-2021)  (J:220)

Vet Med(1978-2009)  (J:156)

Vet Microbiol(1997-1998)  (J:187)

Vet Ophthalmol(1998-2021)  (J:155)

Vet Parasitol(1997-2010)  (J:183)

Vet Pathol(1989-2021)  (J:151)

Vet Q(1993-2007)  (J:147)

Vet Radiol & Ultrasound(1984-2021)  (J:157)

Vet Rec(1990-2012)  (J:158)

Vet Surg(1984-2021)  (J:160)

Vet Tech(2008-2008)  (J:225)

Zoo Biol(2010-2021)  (J:195)

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