General Information

The Veterinary Journal Index is comprised of a Program that stays resident on your computer

and Data, which the program accesses to help you with convenience and display. We make updated Data available every 6 months.

You can download the Program portion of the Veterinary Journal Index for free, right here. 

You might start by printing this page to follow steps more easily (key in CtrlP).

We have to apologize for the warnings that you’ll see before you click on the downloaded file (we know that the process is virus-free).

  1. 1)click on the *.zip file below, the customized program called askSam Publisher is placed at the top of your download list.

  2. 2)It really is ok to proceed by selecting little arrow to the right of Discard button to “Keep”.

  3. 3)Click download file again.

  4. 4)Select “Extract all” at the top of the menu.

  5. 5)Type in C:\vjindex as the destination (must include that backslash!)

  6. 6)Click on Extract to copy files,.

  7. 7)Double click on “setup.exe” from the list of files displayed. Windows may not recognize this app and displays a warning, so click on “More info”, and select “Run anyway” (again, we assure you this is safe). Proceed and this will bring up the askSam Publisher install wizard which finishes the process. You will be asked to repeat the C:\vjindex destination

Now you are ready for the data, and you can get recent sample data for free to see how the Veterinary Journal Index works.  Download a large sample of recent citations (about 5000 in number, and about 5 MB in size) right here:


To enable veterinary specialists to only focus on information within their specialty, we provide 5 Species Groupings:

  1. Bullet        Zoo Package (comprehensive)

  2. Bullet        Avian/Exotic

  3. Bullet        Equine

  4. Bullet        Small Animal

  5. Bullet        Food Animal



Of course, you’ll want your literature searches to bring up current and newly published articles.  We send out updates - CD’s or via downloads - every six months, so keeping your VJI database current is easy.  We update the entire database every six months, and users have the following update options:

  1. one time only purchase

  2. 2 updates per year

  3. 1 update per year

Each update contains all previous information plus any additional citations that have been added, so there are no gaps regardless of how you update.

Who is behind the Veterinary Journal Index?

Marty Page is the founder and wears many hats.  Back in the late 1980s, Marty saw that veterinarians were being swamped with information and needed an efficient and practical way to retrieve the useful journal information without pulling up what wasn’t needed.

Time line:

1988: idea creation and 1st sale

1989: 1st update provided with easy-to-navigate software

1992: collaborated with several zoo veterinarians to further customize the process and the data

1994: 1st Windows version

1998: passed 50,000 citation milestone

2002: changed name from Veterinary Librarian to Veterinary Journal Index

2004: used in a majority of US zoos

2008: passed 100,000 citation milestone

Marty owns and maintains the VJI database, and is also a business coach.  In his coaching practice, he works with CEOs and start-up business entrepreneurs to most effectively apply their strengths in the business setting.  He supports his coaching clients over time to be better communicators, better delegators, better time managers, and better leaders.

Marty and his wife Kathy have a small herd (7) of young adult offspring in a blended family.  They enjoy gardening, camping and reading.  Marty is also a golfer, skier and fly fisherman.

Warning: this Veterinary Journal Index database is designed to be used only to find journal articles, and is not intended as a substitute for those articles.  No guarantees are made of accuracy or completeness of this database.