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Warning: the Veterinary Journal Index database is designed to be used only to find journal articles, and is not intended as a substitute for those articles.  No guarantees are made of accuracy or completeness of this database.

No Risk No BS Offer

Face it--a lot of veterinarians use the internet to find references, and that is a good thing. And nowhere else can you find all that we cover IN ONE PLACE.  That is our unique value proposition.  Easy to use, yes.  Easy to update, yes.  And most of all, everything is in one place--the VJ Index, right on your computer, accessible at lightning speed whenever you need it.

So, here is the simple offer:  since you aren’t positive that you or your clinic will use the VJ Index the way you think you might, you can try it for a month at no charge.

You can click on the Free Download page to download the program and a recent fairly substantial sample database (over 5000 citations from the last 18 months)

Or you can order the entire database by sending in your information:

Here is how you can do it:

hold the click down as you mouse over the blank address information box above, releasing the click as the mouse pointer is at the end of the box.  This will highlight and select the blank address information above.

Copy it by pressing CtrlC or CommandC.

Then click on the following link to bring up a blank email addressed to us.


Then, in the body of the email,

Paste the blank address form by pressing CtrlV or CommandV.  Type and fill out the blank form with your information and email it to us.

We will follow up by sending you your free provisional VJ Index.  Your package will include a CD with complete instructions, and a provisional invoice that is payable only after 30 days.  Try the VJ Index for 30 days.  If you don’t like it or think that people in your clinic might not find it useful, just call or email us and tell us to cancel the invoice.  And you don’t even have to hassle sending the CD back to us.  Please just put it in your trash or recycle bin. We’ll take your word as golden.  Veterinarians are an extremely trustworthy group with high integrity.


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