Download Small Animal database

Latest update date: 03/02/2021


To download to your PC:

  1. 1.Single Click on the .zip link above to download

  2. 2.Wait for download to finish (10-20 seconds or so, depending on your connection)

  3. 3.Click on DATA *.zip button which will appear at bottom of your screen

  4. 4.This displays 2 files: VJI instructions.doc and *.zip

  5. 5.Double click on *.zip (which then causes 3 files to be displayed, *.ask, *.idx and *.dta)

  6. 6.Click on EXTRACT ALL button on menu bar near the top of your screen

  7. 7.In the space for Destination folder, type in c:\vjindex

  8. 8.Click on the EXTRACT button near the bottom of the screen

  9. 9.Updated file is now ready to be accessed by your VJ Index program.

Download & Install Small Animal Program

Note: For IT professionals, Administrator mode is probably best for installation process.

Windows may show some fairly scary warnings about downloading this or other zip files that contain executable applications, and, to the absolute best of our ability, the programs in this zip file are virus- and malware-free.

To download the program files to your PC:

  1. 1)click on the appropriate *.zip file above, which initiates the process to install the customized program called askSam Publisher.

  2. 2)It really is ok to proceed. Click on the little down arrow next to the Download button and click on “Keep”.

  3. 3)Click on downloaded button again.

  4. 4)Select “Extract all” at the top of the menu.

  5. 5)Type in C:\vjindex in the destination folder line

  6. 6)Click on Extract to copy files,.

  7. 7)Click on “setup.exe” from the list of files displayed. Windows may not recognize this app and generate a warning. Just click on “More info”, and select “Run anyway” (again, we assure you this is safe). Proceed and this will bring up the askSam Publisher install wizard which finishes the process.

  8. 8.If you have previously installed the data, select your database from the list displayed.

  9. 9.On some installs, after completion, InstallShield may show error “1628 failed to complete installation”. This error message itself is in error, so ignore by closing box.

Important suggestion: people often find this installation process easier to follow from a printed

page.  Press CtrlP to print this page.